Banning Blind Bidding

Should Blind Bidding Be Banned?

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Should blind bidding be banned? The Liberal Party of Canada seems to think so. Justin Trudeau created quite a stir when he announced the party’s plan to ban “blind bidding” in real estate transactions at a campaign stop recently. When I heard the news, I thought it likely an exaggeration or other form of “fake news” because real estate transaction …

Why Is Nobody Selling Their House?

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a housing inventory crisis across Canada and the United States (I haven’t looked beyond – maybe it’s another pandemic?!) In this video I look at the possible reasons not enough people are selling, and whether there are any signs of hope for house hunters. Video Outline (1:00) Stats: Number of Q1 Sales vs New …

House Price Theories & Conspiracies

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House prices in Ottawa in early 2021 are going crazy! Last video we talked about the main reason. Let’s look at some other theories (and conspiracies!) about house prices. I mention a couple of media articles in this video. Here are links to those articles: Global News on Foreign Buyers The RBC Study that Global News References CTV July 2020 …

No Conveyance Of Offers

No Conveyance of Offers – Nothing Has Changed

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“No conveyance of offers prior to <time of day> on <specific date>.” …or… “Offers presented at <time of day> on <specific date>; however, the seller reserves the right to review and may accept pre-emptive offers.” If you followed or participated in the real estate market in Ottawa in 2020 you will have noticed one of these two phrases appearing in …

Does It Help To Submit Your Offer Last in a Bidding War?

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As people got used to wearing masks and keeping their distance, and with businesses and services slowly opening up, buyers and sellers stormed back into the real estate market in July. It was one hot July. I represented five sellers. Every one of them received multiple offers and sold way over asking price. Here are the amounts over asking: $40,000 …

COVID-19 Impact On Ottawa Real Estate

COVID-19 Impact On Ottawa Real Estate Market

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Note: After reading this article, check out updated data and more sales and price impact analysis in this update: COVID-19 Market Update “Our results show that the Ottawa real estate market seems to have withstood the pressure of a worldwide economic event in March…” Not my words. Those are the words of the President of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, …

Beginnings & Endings (COVID-19 & Winter)

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Early thoughts on COVID-19 impact on real estate. We’re just getting started with precautionary measures in Ontario and Ottawa specifically. How will it impact the real estate market? Also a treat – some Winter magic: some Ottawa scenery from this past Winter; a compilation of footage shot while out working with clients over the past few months.

Buying A Home In A Seller’s Market

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Buying a home in a seller’s market like we are experiencing in Ottawa in early 2020 can be a frustrating experience! What can you do to survive and increase your chances for success? In Part 1 let’s talk about bidding wars. How to win a bidding war? What are bidding wars? What AREN’T they? What does it mean to win …