So You're Thinking Of Selling Your Home

You'd like to know how much your home is worth? What a lot of people won't tell you straight up is that the value of your house compared to others like yours in the same neighbourhood or condo building, could be a lot more, or a lot less, or anywhere in between. And there are many factors that can impact its value. Some of these factors you can control and others you cannot.

While we can examine market data and figure out the property value range for your home or investment property, it really will not do you much good without a solid understanding of where in the range your property currently sits. To figure that out takes quite a bit of work and analysis, beginning with a detailed tour of your property. Then, if you are evaluating your home because you're thinking of selling it, you may be interested in a plan to maximize your bottom line - a road map that shows you how to come out with the most money possible in your pocket. That plan often involves spending some money, and even more likely spending some effort (yours or someone else's) preparing for marketing.

A smart plan ensures that every dollar spent generates tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars in return. Our plan at is built on a framework we call The 5 P's Of Property Marketing. Bruce came up with this plan when he started out in Ottawa real estate in 2005, because he spent many years marketing multi-million dollar voice and data networks globally. He never realised that in real estate the norm was to just put up a sign, stick the house on MLS and hope for the best. That discovery was shocking.

The 5 P's of Property Marketing, embarked upon only after adopting a Product Mindset, are:‚Äč

  • Preparation
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Presentation
  • Promotion

‚ÄčThere is a 6th P that comes into play to varying degrees as well, depending on market conditions: Persistence. Persistence is really part of Promotion, but deserves some individual attention. This is not some trite little list of words - we're prepared to show you the meat in our plan, and many examples of how it has been successful for our clients, often where others have failed before us.