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Ottawa Real Estate

Welcome to my Ottawa Real Estate site,

I created this site in 2005 and while it has evolved over the years, the focus is on two things:

  1. my clients’ properties
  2. critical thinking about buying and selling Ottawa real estate for home or investment.

When I was considering a career in real estate in 2005 after 19 years in the high tech industry, I met with a 35-year veteran Broker to talk about how the business works and to help me decide whether or not I would enjoy it, and be able to successfully serve clients. We covered a lot of territory. To this day, and to her credit, I am amazed how many little axioms she gave me have proven true. My biggest concern was that I would not succeed because I am not a salesman. I told her that I did not believe that being a real estate agent is a sales job at all. In my view, a Realtor is a consultant, researcher, project manager, problem solver, advisor, advocate, and property marketer.

She agreed with me in principle, and the nuts and bolts of the business as she described them seemed compatible with my vision of the role. There were, however, a few key areas where I disagreed with her philosophy – it was the prevailing philosophy in the industry, and remarkably still is with the majority of Realtors today. In many of the articles on this site I explain in detail how various practices that are commonly employed by Realtors in fact work against their clients’ and/or consumers’ best interests. I’m excited that there is a rising tide in real estate that is raising the standards of practice. I try to lead by example.

You’ll find articles in my blog that are not what you expect to find in a real estate agent’s blog. I write to reveal to you the secrets and lore, misconceptions and tricks, pitfalls and perks of working with real estate agents to buy and sell properties. A great agent will help you achieve your objectives while saving you time and money; but great agents are in the minority. My objective is to provide you with information and insights to help you successfully buy or sell real estate for home or investment in Ottawa.

Bruce Brown, Real Estate Broker
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