Real estate investing.

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Bruce has been instrumental in our retirement planning. We got introduced to Bruce and the idea of investment properties from a friend (and client of Bruce's) and Bruce took it from there. His patience to help us figure out the type of investment property that suited us was truly commendable (we went in with completely different viewpoints). After MANY property viewings we refined our vision to more tightly bound set of criteria (this took well over a year).

Once we refined our criteria we viewed so many places with Bruce, and after a couple near misses, we found the perfect property. Bruce helped us through the purchase process by sharing many great contacts (inspector, financing, lawyer, etc) and providing us with a ton of guidance.

The thing that really sets Bruce apart from the rest, is he is about building relationships and not just making the sale. His post-sale support is amazing and he helped us navigate some of the challenges that many landlords face in the first year. From taking professional photos for rental listings, to listing our rental on his site to drum up interest, or just making himself available to bounce an idea off... Bruce was amazingly supportive (and still is). We are now the owners of 4 amazing properties, thanks to Bruce's professionalism and support.

This is our ticket to early retirement and we owe a ton of thanks to Bruce. We are happy to call Bruce our agent.
M. & N. Upton, Manotick