Roaring Back After COVID – Hype vs. Data

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A CTV News piece about the Ottawa real estate market came to my attention this week. A local Realtor provided data and insights into prevailing conditions that continue to favour sellers. Here’s a link to the piece: These Are Ottawa’s Five Hottest Neighbourhoods Reading through the article I could not help but cringe at the glib characterizations portrayed as substantiated, …

COVID-19 Slams Ottawa Home Sales in April

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I debated the headline for this article. The downturn in sales resulting from people’s wise decision to heed Government direction to stay at home as much as possible resulted in unprecedented decline in home sales in April. Just looking at the graphs, “slams” is an accurate description of the impact. I hesitated to use this description not because it doesn’t …

COVID-19 – One Month Impact

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I’m interested in tracking and reporting the impact of the pandemic response on market activity. The Ottawa Real Estate Board only provides monthly reports and tends to gloss over anything negative and spins things up. Note: You might be interested in my first article on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Ottawa real estate: COVID-19 Market Impact. Any lasting …

COVID-19 Impact On Ottawa Real Estate

COVID-19 Impact On Ottawa Real Estate Market

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Note: After reading this article, check out updated data and more sales and price impact analysis in this update: COVID-19 Market Update “Our results show that the Ottawa real estate market seems to have withstood the pressure of a worldwide economic event in March…” Not my words. Those are the words of the President of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, …

March 2020 Market Statistics

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Stay tuned for a special report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate market in Ottawa. I’m tracking new listings, conditional and firm sales on a daily basis because monthly statistics do not provide an adequate picture of this rapidly changing market. I’m posting my usual monthly statistical graphs for March 2020 for completeness – and …

Beginnings & Endings (COVID-19 & Winter)

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Early thoughts on COVID-19 impact on real estate. We’re just getting started with precautionary measures in Ontario and Ottawa specifically. How will it impact the real estate market? Also a treat – some Winter magic: some Ottawa scenery from this past Winter; a compilation of footage shot while out working with clients over the past few months.

Buying A Home In A Seller’s Market

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Buying a home in a seller’s market like we are experiencing in Ottawa in early 2020 can be a frustrating experience! What can you do to survive and increase your chances for success? In Part 1 let’s talk about bidding wars. How to win a bidding war? What are bidding wars? What AREN’T they? What does it mean to win …