Apr 04

Suburban Breakdown

Buying And Selling

At OttawaAgent.ca we think the “Best Ottawa Suburb” is the one that offers the best quality of life for you and your family, and based on the data, we don’t think the data should be a huge factor in your decision. But this data might help you choose your specific neighbourhood. If you’re investing, you definitely want to take a closer look.

Mar 27

Is That Basement Bedroom Legal?

Buying And Selling , Investing

Basement bedroom window size is an issue that often comes up during home showings and inspections. When buying a home: “Is that bedroom basement legal?” When helping a client prepare to sell their home, the question is, “Can we call this a 3+1 bedroom home?” Does the bedroom in the basement “count”? Is it legal?

Jun 10

Steve Jobs Crazy & Why Zoocasa Failed

Buying And Selling

I’ve read quite a few posts on social media this week, mostly from real estate salespersons and brokers, making observations about Rogers Communications’ decision to shut down the “online real estate brokerage” Zoocasa. Most of the observations I’ve read have felt self-serving; not very objective.

Mar 09

House Not Selling? Seven Reasons Why

Buying And Selling

Why is Your House Not Selling? Here are seven unexpected reasons that I see every day. 1. You’re preaching to the choir. Yes, that’s a mixed metaphor. Although people often mix up the expression like this, I mean it this way. When people use the expression “You’re preaching to the choir” they mean to say that you […]

Jan 15

Ottawa House Prices 2014

Market Updates

A couple of months ago I decided to carve up the City of Ottawa into a few big chunks to help understand house prices and condo prices in different parts of town. Of course, where you draw the lines is somewhat subjective and could be debated all day long, but I think for the purpose […]

Jan 13

Ottawa Home Price Index 2014

Market Updates

You often read about average home prices in Ottawa or Canada as a whole. You’ll read, for example, that house prices on average were 1.6% higher in Ottawa in 2014 than in 2013. For the past 5 or 6 years there have been regular reports of average home prices in Canada escalating to the point […]

Jan 10

Ottawa Real Estate Statistics 2014

Market Updates

Overall, 2014 looked a lot like 2013 for real estate in Ottawa, with a few differences. With an entire year of data to work with, I thought we’d take a look at last year in Ottawa real estate from three different angles: looking at the graphs of 9 key statistics that I put together every […]

Aug 29

Multi-Family vs. Condominium Apartments as Investments


When it comes to building a portfolio of investment properties, there is something on the menu for every taste.  To suit your specific tolerances and objectives, you will want to discuss the ins and outs in detail.  But I thought it would be fun to write-up a brief table of ingredients for two types of […]

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