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Property Marketing

Managing the marketing and sale of your highly valuable real estate asset, whether it's your home or an investment property, is a serious responsibility.

When I started working in real estate in 2005, I was surprised how ad hoc most Realtor's services are. Coming from a professional commercial product development, marketing, and management background, I created a marketing plan, went on to learn deeply about the property selling process through research and experience, and continued to refine the elements of the plan accordingly.

On this page I outline my property marketing plan, the services you can expect, the options you have, the breakdown of marketing costs between me and you as the property owner, and the Brokerage fees you pay. On my Selling Your Property Page I describe in more detail the elements of my marketing plan and how the tools and tactics differ from most real estate agents . For now, I'll tell you in one sentence why my services are different, almost every step of the way, than the services provided by the typical agent or "team":

One of the core secrets of the real estate agency business is this:

Listings are (treated as) the engine of the business.

That is why most of the "services" provided by typical real estate agents and "teams" are designed for one purpose: to use your property to generate more business for themselves. I couldn't sleep at night if I operated that way. I critically analyse every marketing action and deploy those that focus squarely on delivering better results for the client (i.e. you, the property owner) and I do not leverage your property solely for my benefit.

A smart plan ensures that every dollar spent (by you or by me) generates (for you) tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars in return. The OttawaAgent.ca property marketing plan is built on a framework I call The 5 P's Of Property Marketing. This is the plan I originated in 2005 and have worked hard to continuously refine, augment, and improve over the years.

The 5 P's of Property Marketing, embarked upon only after adopting a Product Mindset, are:​

  • Preparation
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Presentation
  • Promotion

​There is a 6th P that comes into play to varying degrees as well, depending on market conditions: Persistence. Persistence is really part of Promotion, but deserves some individual attention. This is not some trite list of words - you will see there is meat in the plan, and lots of examples of how it has been successful for clients over the years, sometimes where others have failed before. Read all about the 5 P's of Property Marketing here:

Selling Your Property

The Plan:

Comparison Table:


Every action in my plan and every service I provide directly improves your selling experience and helps maximize your results instead of focusing on generating more business for myself.