Red Alert

I’m always watching the market for promising properties. Working with home buyers, I’ve found over the years that about 1 out of every 25 to 30 properties is a winner. Helping my clients invest in real estate, I’m specifically looking for quality properties that are fairly valued and will generate solid returns over the long term. Ask for a copy of my property analyser (built in Microsoft Excel) if you’d like to play with the numbers.

My clients aim to grow their wealth through real estate over time, with confidence and pride. Helping them achieve their investing and other property ownership goals requires extensive research and working closely with lenders, lawyers, inspectors, trades people, contractors, planning officials, developers, and property owners.

– Bruce Brown, Broker

Bruce’s RED (Real Estate Deal) Alert service is a general advisory for exciting properties. Bruce watches the market like a hawk and from time to time identifies properties that he thinks are awesome. They are great deals for one reason or another; for example, they might be:

  • unbelievably gorgeous but priced like they are just ordinary
  • full of┬ápotential because of their special location
  • under-priced because the seller or agent under-estimated the property’s value
  • rarely available
  • cash flowing positively right out of the gate
  • able to generate exceptional cash flow with some work
  • a high quality fixer-upper
  • a strong candidate for minor development (for example, adding a secondary dwelling unit)

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