Rules of Thumb – How Far Can They Take You?

Bruce BrownInvesting

A client of mine who is mulling over the idea of acquiring some real estate for investment purposes, started doing some reading on her own and came across a piece about rules of thumb.  She read, in addition to other bits of wisdom, that: The rule of thumb is that the purchase price of investment property should be 10 times …

Graph of new condo construction prices vs. re-sale condo prices in Ottawa.

Older or Newer Condo – Which Is A Better Investment?

Bruce BrownInvesting

Whether buying strictly as an investment or as a new place to hang their hat, my clients often ask me if a new or re-sale condo apartment is a better investment.  Well, there are actually two slightly different versions of this question that I hear frequently: is a brand new condo purchased from the builder a better investment or is …

Graph Showing Apartment Condo Selling Prices in Ottawa, in the Core vs. City-Wide

Ottawa Condo Market Analysis Part 2: Core vs. Outskirts Sale Prices

Bruce BrownInvesting

So the volume of apartment condo sales in core areas of the city relative to the city as a whole was a nice safe place to start, but what you really want to know is how much does location impact value.  Well, without charting anything I’m sure you understand that the number one driver in real estate valuation is location, …

Ottawa Condo Market Analysis Part 1: Core vs. Outskirts

Bruce BrownInvesting

One of my VIP clients asked me the other day, in response to the data in one of my monthly newsletters, “…how do you see the condo market evolving over the next 12 to 19 months?” The data that I use for my monthly newsletter is provided by the Ottawa Real Estate Board.  They run some statistical reports and pull …