How's the market?

"How's the Market?" is the question I'm asked more often than anything else. One of the reasons I chose real estate for my second career, after 19 years in the high tech sector, was that it's something people care about.

Media reports and industry news releases like those from the Ottawa Real Estate Board tend to bend over backward to put a positive spin on the statistics. Like the stereotypical real estate agent who always says the market is great and it's time for you to { buy, sell, invest } - whichever one they believe you're thinking about doing at the time.

If you're looking for the facts, and some insights into what those facts might suggest about the market, "good" or "bad", this is the newsletter for you.

It's an edgy, informative, and (I hope) entertaining read, focused on facts and data, information about new developments, legal and financial issues in real estate, plus the occasional story about the crazy things that happen out there helping people buy and sell real estate every day.