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Who's Your Realtor?

Real estate is a high stakes business. Home owners, home buyers, and real estate investors are involved in transactions with dollar values in the hundreds of thousands. Even more importantly, they often come to us at an important junction in their life: a job promotion or relocation, marriage, birth of a child, retirement; or in times of difficulty: divorce, job loss, or settling the affairs of a loved one.

Experience helping clients buy and sell real estate since 2005 has taught us that the two most important characteristics of an excellent Realtor are:

  • An advocacy mindset keenly focused on the best course of action for the client, in every detail.
  • Critical thinking. There is a lot of copy-cat and automatic behaviour among average and sub-par Realtors. The best practitioners weigh every decision, and calculate every move for their client's benefit.

In the old days, real estate agents were sales people, plain and simple. These days, a lot of them still work like it's the old days. Excellent Realtors nowadays are professional representatives. Advocates.

Our clients' interests come first in all cases.

We have developed a top notch property marketing plan that you will see evidenced throughout the pages of this site, but above all is our commitment to excellence in representation, and providing a premium, personalized service experience.

Bruce Brown, Broker

Bruce Brown, Broker

Bruce graduated from Western University in 1986 with an Honours degree in Computer Science. After 19 years in the high technology industry building and marketing solutions to network service providers around the World, Bruce obtained his license to trade in real estate in Ontario in 2005. He earned his Broker license in 2008 and has helped hundreds of individuals and families navigate the purchase and sale of homes, condos, cottages, land, rural and investment properties.

Reach Bruce at 613-859-6268 or Bruce@OttawaAgent.ca​