How's The Market?

How’s The Market?

“How’s the Market?” is the number one question people ask me every day. Whether I meet a friend of a friend or client for the first time, or bump into a friend or client I haven’t seen in a while, that’s the question: “How’s the Market?”

I had been writing the occasional email newsletter and then in early 2012 I realised that people really want to know what’s going on in the Ottawa Real Estate market. It’s one of the reasons I got into real estate after my high tech career: it’s a subject almost everybody finds interesting. I decided in March 2012 that I would commit to publishing a newsletter every month, and that I would continue to focus on hard data and my take on the data without venturing into crystal ball gazing.

Ottawa Real Estate Monthly (OREM)

I find that the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s monthly news release always bends over backwards to put a positive spin on every possible statistic. If you’re looking for the facts, and some insights into what those facts might suggest about the market – “good” or “bad” – this is the newsletter for you.

It’s an edgy, informative, and (I hope) entertaining read, focused on facts and data, information about new developments, legal and financial issues in real estate, plus a few real stories about the crazy things that happen on a daily basis in the business of trading in real estate.

How's The Market?
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