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Nov 07

October 2017 Market Update

Market Updates

This month I think that two charts tell the 2017 story on their own, if you read between the lines. In an environment where more people are buying homes and condos than any time in the past 6 years, and simultaneously fewer people are offering their properties for sale, what would you expect to happen […]

Sep 28

Is Orleans Really Sinking (…and do you want to swim?)

Market Updates

A lot of people are talking about house prices in Orleans as though they are sinking like a sunset in 2017. Is it true? Is it time to head West? House prices at any given time are extremely dependent on their precise location. Asking how Orleans prices are doing is fine, but typically what you’ll see is that they are up in one area and down in another.

Jan 15

Ottawa House Prices 2014

Market Updates

A couple of months ago I decided to carve up the City of Ottawa into a few big chunks to help understand house prices and condo prices in different parts of town. Of course, where you draw the lines is somewhat subjective and could be debated all day long, but I think for the purpose […]

Jan 13

Ottawa Home Price Index 2014

Market Updates

You often read about average home prices in Ottawa or Canada as a whole. You’ll read, for example, that house prices on average were 1.6% higher in Ottawa in 2014 than in 2013. For the past 5 or 6 years there have been regular reports of average home prices in Canada escalating to the point […]

Jan 10

Ottawa Real Estate Statistics 2014

Market Updates

Overall, 2014 looked a lot like 2013 for real estate in Ottawa, with a few differences. With an entire year of data to work with, I thought we’d take a look at last year in Ottawa real estate from three different angles: looking at the graphs of 9 key statistics that I put together every […]

May 22

Unabsorbed New Construction – Prices Up $75K Over 2012

Market Updates

I was just reading CMHC’s latest housing market statistics report, covering new housing starts across Canada, broken down by Province and municipality, through April 2013.  Overall the number of starts is down slightly from 2012, on pace with 2011.  But there was one statistical category that really stood out to me:  in the “unabsorbed single […]

Jan 09

2012 – A Relatively Tough Year in Ottawa Real Estate

Market Updates

And so ends 2012, with the overall picture looking about the same as 2011 on the surface (similar number of residential properties sold and average selling price settling ever so slightly above 2011) but with more questionable footings lurking underneath… perhaps.  Like most soothsaying ventures, you really don’t know what you’re talking about if you’re […]