Oct 19

Another Cap Rate Abomination

By Bruce Brown | Investing

Some day I will have to write the complete story on capitalization rates in real estate. Knowing me, that will be a long article. There are many angles to cover, from its use and mis-use, misunderstanding and misapplication to the basics of what it measures and what it means.

Sep 28

Is Orleans Really Sinking (…and do you want to swim?)

By Bruce Brown | Market Updates

A lot of people are talking about house prices in Orleans as though they are sinking like a sunset in 2017. Is it true? Is it time to head West? House prices at any given time are extremely dependent on their precise location. Asking how Orleans prices are doing is fine, but typically what you’ll see is that they are up in one area and down in another.

May 15

RED Alert 19

By Bruce Brown | RED Alert

RED Alert number 19 is a character charmer in the Town of Perth. This one has plenty of lift potential with lots of cosmetic work to be done. A great retirement project and home for yourself, or potentially outstanding retirement income generator providing the perfect retirement setting for others.

Apr 04

Suburban Breakdown

By Bruce Brown | Buying And Selling

At OttawaAgent.ca we think the “Best Ottawa Suburb” is the one that offers the best quality of life for you and your family, and based on the data, we don’t think the data should be a huge factor in your decision. But this data might help you choose your specific neighbourhood. If you’re investing, you definitely want to take a closer look.

Mar 27

Is That Basement Bedroom Legal?

By Bruce Brown | Buying And Selling , Investing

Basement bedroom window size is an issue that often comes up during home showings and inspections. When buying a home: “Is that bedroom basement legal?” When helping a client prepare to sell their home, the question is, “Can we call this a 3+1 bedroom home?” Does the bedroom in the basement “count”? Is it legal?

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