The Rising Ottawa Condo Market Is Not All About Apartments

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Once a year, generally later in the year when there is enough data to make the analysis more meaningful, I like to look at sales of houses and condos by property type. Being a contrarian at heart when it comes to commonly held beliefs that I suspect may not be based on facts, I enjoy looking for interesting data that …

Channel Launch

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Channel Launch! Check out episode 1 on Bruce’s new YouTube channel. Headline: The 12 Reasons I’m Starting A YouTube Channel. Plan to cover common questions and issues in real estate for home owners and investors, open the hood on the industry machine, and give you a different perspective on many agent practices. Feel free to agree and disagree – but …

Real Estate Investing ROI vs Appreciation

Real Estate Investing ROI vs. Appreciation

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This article is the first in a series examining and illustrating the impact of various factors on the returns generated by a real estate investment. If you remember one thing, let it be that the formula is more complicated than reported in the write-ups for virtually all investment property listings. For example, the “cap rate”, or the cash flow calculated …