Solid Representation

Bruce Brown created this site in 2005. It was one of the very first individual Ottawa Real Estate Agent websites. His daughter, Ellen, who was just turning 11 at the time, is credited with choosing the URL “” that Bruce has owned since then. Google is now a long time friend of this site as a result, giving your property extremely good exposure and high search rankings when you list with Bruce or another associate Realtor. (There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes for each and every individual listing too; but those secrets we’ll explain when we meet.)

Bruce’s technology background (he holds an Honours B.Sc. in Computer Science from Western University in London) gives him a huge advantage in today’s real estate market where business is earned and buyers and sellers are brought together starting online.

The decades he worked in the high tech industry helping design, build, market, and sell multi-million dollar products, solutions, and services to companies around the globe taught him how to serve clients professionally and make business happen.

Bruce’s vision for is to provide original, insightful, helpful, fresh content to help guide you through the process of buying, selling, or investing in homes, condos, or income properties in the Ottawa area. At “personalized service” is not just a catchy phrase. Our agents provide full value and dedicated service tailored to your situation.

We Are Ottawa Real Estate Agents

With tons of experience in urban, rural, residential, condominium, waterfront, and multi-family properties, purchases and sales, marketing and client representation, we strive to be the very best of Ottawa Real Estate Agents. Is someone you care about thinking of moving or investing in real estate in Ottawa? We would love to help. If you’re comfortable introducing us, please do.