How’s The Market?

Bruce’s monthly newsletter the best way for you to keep up with home and condo sales and investment real estate news in the greater Ottawa area. First published in March, 2012 “Ottawa Real Estate Monthly” was motivated by reading the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s monthly news release that always bends over backwards to put a positive spin on every possible statistic. If you’re looking for the facts, and some insights into what those facts might suggest about the market – “good” or “bad” – this is the newsletter for you. It’s an edgy, informative, and (we hope) entertaining read, with real stories about the crazy things that happen on a daily basis in the real estate world.

Here’s a link to the web version of the January, 2018 edition (try before you “buy” – ha! it’s free, of course):

How’s The Market? (OREM: January 2018)