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Home ownership: the Canadian dream. Questioned by media pundits, besieged by economic forces. What matters most? Location? Asking price? Market value? The latest cosmetics? Lifestyle? How do you buy in a Seller's market? Should you buy a condo or a house?


When is the best time to sell? How do you sell when you're afraid you won't find the right next home to buy? How do you attract the best offers? How do you handle multiple offers? How do you ensure the Buyer can close? What do you need to disclose? Sell first or buy first?


Real estate is the most accessible investment vehicle capable of reliably building significant wealth. Why don't more people do it? In a word: fear. Or another word: complacency. We help you invest, not speculate. Time is your best friend; the younger you start, the better.

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House Hunting Online?

Here are a few facts you should keep in mind:

  • (click to visit it) is the public's interface to the MLS database.

  • The MLS database contains close to 100% of all re-sale homes and condos for sale. The exceptions are a few for-sale-by-owner - but most of those are also on MLS these days.

  • Any real estate agent's or real estate brokerage's website that allows you to search "MLS" listings is using an interface called the Data Distribution Facility (DDF). This service delivers typically 60% to 75% of the MLS listings. If you're looking for something special, do not rely on this service.

  • is the place to start; however, it polls the MLS database and misses a small percentage of homes and condos that list and sell very quickly, between polling events. It's a small percentage, but it's the best, most attractive, best-priced homes. That's why they sell quickly. To access 100% of MLS properties, you must engage the services of a Realtor who can provide direct access.

  • Direct access is one thing - active, intelligent, high touch service to help you find the best property for your situation is another. Interview Realtors carefully and select one who will work diligently (and enjoyably) for you; putting your needs front and centre.

  • For a 100% house hunting experience, you need to find a great agent.

Great agents give great advice and represent you.

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A Few Words From Some Of Our Clients


RCMP Relocation

I always knew you would be the guy to sell it... I just did not know when! You're the best realtor I have ever had! Better stated - you are one of the best professionals... it doesn't matter what the vocation... you remind me of the saying, "pick something and be the best you can at it" - thank you.

Peter Sonnichsen

Military Relocation

We wanted to say thank you for all your work on our house. And for being so diligent and professional. You are an easy person to work with. 🙂

Jay Steele & Geneviève Boudreau

Out Of Town Investor

I highly recommend Bruce as a realtor. His advice, insight and expertise was very valuable during a search for an investment property in Ottawa.

david evans

First-Time Buyer

It has been such a joy working with you when buying my first home! Thank you for helping me during every step of the process (text messages and all)! Your hard work, guidance and expertise are much appreciated. I can't thank you enough for being so trustworthy as I made this big step. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family. I am so excited to move in ... yippeee!

Erin Olsheskie

First-Time Buyer & Down-Sizing Mom

I am truly certain your well crafted letter is part of the reason we got to $(our price). It is a convincing rationale without being hard lined. It’s perfect. You state the case with the paperwork to back it up. I know it was a long road getting here but I believe, like you, it’s a solid value for what and where it is. I can’t thank you enough. From the purchase of my mom’s house to now my purchase, your level of service was over and above my expectations for a realty experience. You were my advocate today especially dealing with the board President and Property Manager on my behalf to get the answers to make this happen. It was truly a pleasure on every occasion and I really learned a lot about the process that seemed quite daunting at the start. Thank you so very much. I will not hesitate to recommend you at every opportunity that crosses my path.

Kristan Rochard

Nilo Cares

Nilo Osorio is amazing. He really knows how to listen and care for his client's needs.

Karine Pelissier

Moving Closer to the School

Hi Bruce, Teri,

A little message to thank you and your team for our successful collaboration during these two deals, as most of the time people only talk about trains that didn't arrive on time (maybe that's the translation of a French expression!). Everything went smoothly, Teri demonstrated a great professionalism and showed attention and kindness.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Marème and Hervé (and Ethan too!)

Hervé & Marème Grangeret


Bruce has been instrumental in our retirement planning. We got introduced to Bruce and the idea of investment properties from a friend (and client of Bruce's) and Bruce took it from there.His patience to help us figure out the type of investment property that suited us was truly commendable (we went in with completely different viewpoints). After MANY property viewings we refined our vision to more tightly bound set of criteria (this took well over a year). Once we refined our criteria we viewed so many places with Bruce, and after a couple near misses, we found the perfect property. Bruce helped us through the purchase process by sharing many great contacts (inspector, financing, lawyer, etc) and providing us with a ton of guidance. The thing that really sets Bruce apart from the rest, is he is about building relationships and not just making the sale. His post-sale support is amazing and he helped us navigate some of the challenges that many landlords face in the first year. From taking professional photos for rental listings, to listing our rental on his site to drum up interest, or just making himself available to bounce an idea off of....Bruce was amazingly supportive (and still is).We are now the owners of 4 amazing properties, thanks to Bruce's professionalism and support. This is our ticket to early retirement and we owe a ton of thanks to Bruce. We are happy to call Bruce our agent, but even happier to call him a friend.

Matthew & Nathalie Upton

Our Partners in Property Marketing

Bytown Photography​

Critical Thinking

Real Estate is not what it used to be. You can find most of the information you need online by yourself. And you can hire any agent to help you fill out forms and follow the basic process without getting into real trouble. Usually.

What you will not find on every street corner is critical thinking. You'd be surprised how many agents follow group-think, ask other agents how to handle basic situations, and often make categorical claims that are simply not accurate.

Every client has unique objectives and specific circumstances. Each transaction occurs in its own micro-environment comprising market, technical, and human forces. Exceptional critical thinking, honed through education, business, industry, and life experience is the most important factor in selecting someone to represent and guide you through a real estate transaction. It is our honour and privilege to provide this service for exceptional people: our clients.