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It’s not just great for the environment. Working paperless has been the dream for decades, and for most businesses, still is to a large extent. We’ve put technology to use throughout our process to save you time and greatly improve the security of your real estate transactions.
Sadly, the real estate business has been known for a lot of mumbo jumbo and mysterious inner workings. We share with you how everything works every step of the way – what we can and what we cannot do.
“Did you sell him the house?” Um, no, we didn’t “sell” him the house. We just don’t believe this is a sales business. We helped him Buy the house, though; and he was so happy we protected his interests, that all his friends and family call us for help now too. Now, if we’re working for the Seller, it is decidedly a Marketing business, but we don’t typically meet the Buyer, so we aren’t really “selling” her the house either.
The only way to be sure the ball does not get dropped is for your advocate to project manage the entire process and personally attend to every core detail. So no, you’re not going to be handed off to an assistant or have to tell 3 of us the same thing in order to get something done. You hire your agent because you trust them. You deserve to have them work for you.
We think about your big picture, not just this transaction. We help you decide if buying or selling is the right thing for you right now. Maybe you should hold your current property and buy the next one. Maybe you should spend less than you thought you would. We work with you to move you forward.

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A Roadmap For Downsizing

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We’re building brick by brick day by day, check back often.